Signing Up the Kids for Kung Fu Lessons

As my kids entered school, two of them expressed interest in learning some form of martial arts. After checking around town, I found an instructor who provided Kung Fu lessons structured especially for children. I visited the studio and talked with the instructor while the kids looked around. It did not take long to decide this would work. My kids gained a lot from the experience. Along with the exercise, the training helped them to develop greater powers of concentration. That helped a great deal with their studies. They also found that the training gave them an inner sense of peace, making it easier for them to get along with others. Even today, my now-grown kids still participate in training sessions and local competitions. If your kids are interested in martial arts, let me tell you more. You'll find that instruction helps them in more than one way.

Home Protection: Characteristics Of An Appropriate Firearm

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Those who are learning to shoot a firearm because they wish to keep a gun at home for protection from intruders might be uncertain which firearm is appropriate.

There are certain characteristics that are important in a home protection firearm. You should look out for these characteristics when evaluating the appropriateness of various firearm models. A home protection firearm should offer all of the following:

A tame recoil

A firearm with a very forceful recoil could be difficult for an inexperienced gunman to control. Many firearms offer a low recoil that makes them easier to shoot. 

When it comes to handling a firearm's recoil, the force of the recoil is not the only factor to consider. The firearm's weight and design are also important factors. The recoil of a lightweight gun with an ergonomically designed grip will be easiest to control.


When it comes to accuracy, opting for a full-size handgun over a small, compact model is generally a good idea. While a smaller gun is not less accurate in and of itself, it is generally harder for a shooter to get a firm grip on a smaller firearm. An awkward grip caused by a smaller gun design detracts from a gunman's confidence.

Light rails

It could prove extremely helpful to have light rails on a home protection handgun. These light rails allow a flashlight to be mounted on the gun. In the event of a burglary, a home protection gun may need to be carried in the dark. A firearm flashlight will come in handy in this emergency situation. 


You need to be able to comfortably operate your home protection firearm. You won't know if a particular gun is comfortable to operate until you try it out yourself. Fortunately, many retailers and shooting ranges will allow you to rent models you are considering and try them out before making a purchase. 

The size of the firearm is an important factor in determining how comfortable it is to operate. However, the ideal size of a home protection firearm will vary depending on the gun owner. While a full size gun is often easiest to control, some gunmen have small hands that make it cumbersome to work with a full size gun.

When you're holding the gun, you should be able to pull the trigger without having to readjust your grip at all. It's also important that you can easily reach the magazine release and slide release. 

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26 October 2015