Signing Up the Kids for Kung Fu Lessons

As my kids entered school, two of them expressed interest in learning some form of martial arts. After checking around town, I found an instructor who provided Kung Fu lessons structured especially for children. I visited the studio and talked with the instructor while the kids looked around. It did not take long to decide this would work. My kids gained a lot from the experience. Along with the exercise, the training helped them to develop greater powers of concentration. That helped a great deal with their studies. They also found that the training gave them an inner sense of peace, making it easier for them to get along with others. Even today, my now-grown kids still participate in training sessions and local competitions. If your kids are interested in martial arts, let me tell you more. You'll find that instruction helps them in more than one way.

New At Fishing Bass Tournaments And Buying A New Boat? 2 Things You Should Have

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If you are new to fishing bass tournaments, you will need to have a good boat.  This is beneficial for you because a new boat is much more dependable. It can also increase your chances of winning your bass tournaments, as you can get to your fishing spots quicker. When buying your boat, you also need to think about the things you will need to help your tournaments go much easier on you.  

An Extra Battery

The last thing you want to happen is to have a boat full of fish, and not be able to make it back to have them weighed in. For this reason, make sure you have an extra battery that is completely charged up on board.

Many bass boats use two types of batteries: Deep-cycle and cranking.

A deep-cycle battery is made to keep electronic equipment on your boat, such as the fish finder and trolling motor, charged for long periods of time. This is something that is important to you because most of your tournaments will likely last all day. When shopping for this battery, the higher the RC number rating the longer it will keep a charge.

A cranking battery is used to start your engine so you need to make sure it has good starting power. Your boat may have sophisticated computers, sensors, and pumps, that will not like being underpowered while you are fishing. Check the owner's manual for your engine. It should say the MCA/CA rating it recommends. When purchasing the battery, look for this rating making sure it is at least equal or greater than the manual recommends.

Quiet Trolling Motor

Instead of using your main engine, a trolling motor uses either battery power or electric motors to propel your boat through the water. This allows you to come up to your fishing spots quieter, so you will not scare the fish away. When purchasing a trolling motor, you need to consider the pounds of thrust, which is the power that is needed to move your boat through the water. If you do not have enough power, your boat will not be able to go through high winds, weeds, or high waves while you are trolling.

Things to consider when choosing a trolling motor is how much gear you store on your boat, how heavy your boat is, and if you will have more than one person in the boat. Tell the salesperson this information, and they will help you choose the trolling motor power that you need.

The boat company you purchase your boat from (such as Captain's Village Marina) will be able to tell you of other accessories you should consider. 


3 December 2015