Signing Up the Kids for Kung Fu Lessons

As my kids entered school, two of them expressed interest in learning some form of martial arts. After checking around town, I found an instructor who provided Kung Fu lessons structured especially for children. I visited the studio and talked with the instructor while the kids looked around. It did not take long to decide this would work. My kids gained a lot from the experience. Along with the exercise, the training helped them to develop greater powers of concentration. That helped a great deal with their studies. They also found that the training gave them an inner sense of peace, making it easier for them to get along with others. Even today, my now-grown kids still participate in training sessions and local competitions. If your kids are interested in martial arts, let me tell you more. You'll find that instruction helps them in more than one way.

Four Ways Skydiving Can Improve Your Life

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When you think of skydiving, you may think of adventure, fun or risk. Perhaps you have never taken the time to understand that there are several benefits that skydiving offers. The following information will help you to better understand some benefits that skydiving offers to most people. 

Stress Relief

Skydiving can have therapeutic effects for some people. You are likely to also experience an adrenaline rush as you prepare for your dive and leap out of the plane. This "rush" can be a mood enhancer for some people, and the time spent coasting downwards to land likely will not be spent reflecting on any of your problems, but rather a moment of reflection about your current view as you prepare to land. If you discover that you like skydiving, you may benefit from using it as a diversion from a busy or stressful lifestyle. 

Overcome Fears

Perhaps you have a fear of skydiving heights in general. Choosing a professional skydiving company for your skydiving experience will afford you the opportunity to skydive in a structured environment, which may cause less anxiety. Most companies require a brief same-day training for instructor-led dives. If you enjoy your experience, it may be possible to take additional classes and become an advanced skydiver. Imagine being able to help other people by telling your story of overcoming your fears or leading a skydiving session for a group of your friends in a future skydive who are familiar with current fears. Contact a local company like Skydive Burnaby for more information about their specific services.

Get A Workout

If you want to add variation to your current workout regimen, consider skydiving because the actions involved in the sport work the muscles in the upper body and lower body. The physical exertion involved in moving the skydiving equipment around aids in burning calories as well as exercising muscles. The upper body muscles are required to work during a jump because divers must activate their parachutes and control them using chest and arm muscles. When it is time to land, the lower body muscles receive a light workout because the legs are required for a strong landing.  

Strengthen Relationships

You can use skydiving as a way to bond with someone you are involved in a romantic relationship with, but it is also a good activity for families or co-workers. Keep in mind that there may be age requirements and physical tests in place for the safety of skydivers. You could use the skydiving experience as an opportunity to commemorate a special occasion. For example, renewing wedding vows mid-air is a way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. 


12 February 2016